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The Power Of Nature Indoors 

Skogluft is a method for bringing nature into your home and office to improve your health and happiness

plant wall system

 The Skogluft system can transform any wall in a home or office into a living wall to help remove toxins from the air, reduce stress, and strengthen the immune system. We know which plants improve overall health and release different gases for optimal well-being.  

Using the Skogluft system, you will feel better, have more energy, and lift your spirits as you add natural beauty into your world.

Skogluft plant wall system is based on 20 years of experience and research from NASA and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

The team behind Skogluft have experience from thousands of plant installations in schools, homes, nursery schools, offices, hospitals and airports.

skogluft plant wall
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When you arrive at the Google office, even on a dark December morning, it’s like getting out in the woods on a summer day
— Jan Grønbech, Country Manager, Google Norway
You feel less tired and the plant walls have given home life a new dimension. Added to this, it requires almost no maintenance
— Alexander, Norway

We are on a mission to bring a natural living environment back to the home and workplace.

For millions of years, humans developed in natural environments, in close contact with sunlight, vegetation, water, and air. While we are biologically and physiologically similar to our Stone Age ancestors, most of us spend nearly all of our lives indoors, removed from the natural world.

In Skogluft—which translates to ”forest air”— we draw on data from the University of Environmental Research and Bioscience in Norway and three decades of NASA research to reveal how a carefully chosen selection of plants grown and placed in a specific way indoors can dramatically improve health, reduce fatigue, strengthen the immune system, and enhance concentration, communication, and vitality. Having these plants around us can help improve how our bodies feel and prevent disease, make us happier and calmer, and increase our efficiency and productivity.


We suffer from a lack of nature.

Several US and European surveys show that humans today spend more than 90% of their time indoors, in environments that differ greatly from what were our natural living conditions. This urban, technological lifestyle creates stress, anxiety and fatigue. A lack of nature drains us of our energy.   


A good indoor life.

While the indoor life currently seems to be our destiny, it does not have to be our demise. Because we spend so much time indoors, it is important to take nature in with us. The Forest Air method is about creating plant walls at home and in the workplace where you spend most of your time. We feel happier when surrounded by plants. Indoor plant walls contribute to increased well-being and lower levels of stress for both adults and children. Added to this, they are decorative and beautiful to look at.

Skogluft Plantevegg

Skogluft Plantevegg

What is the Forest Air effect?

20 years of Norwegian research and experience involving roughly 2000 people has shown that having the right light and the right plants indoors benefits children and adults. These conditions: 

  • make us more energetic and boost our mood

  • increase our concentration levels

  • allow us to handle stress better 

  • improve our health and strengthen our immune systems

  • improve our relationships

  • increase our well-being

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Book launch!

Skogluft “Forest Air”-effect

Author: Jørn Viumdal

You can purchase the book online or at your local bookstore.