Skogluft Plant Wall System


Skogluft Plant Wall System


  • Skogluft Plant Wall System with space for 20 plants in 12 cm pot (dimensions: 75 cm height, 51 cm width and 25 cm depth). The system includes everything you need, except for plants.

  • The Skogluft system is designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance (just 10 min. every 3 weeks).

  • Does not need to be connected to a water supply.

  • Instructions for installation and maintenance are included.

  • We recommend which plants you should order from a florist

Providing this to our employees is the best thing we have invested in with respect to cost-benefit effect
— Country Manager, Jan Grønbech, Google Norway
You feel less tired and the plant walls have given home life a new dimension. Added to this, it requires almost no maintenance
— Alexander

Product information

The Forest Air plant wall system makes it easy to bring nature to where you spend your day-to-day life. Create decorative indoor plant walls that contribute to increased well-being and less stress for adults and children. The Forest Air plant wall is a pleasure for the senses and helps create a healthy indoor climate. It cleans the air, removes toxins and increases the air humidity. 

The system is of the same quality as used by architects and gardeners. The system is also designed for those of us who are not natural-born gardeners. The plant wall is extremely easy to install and requires little maintenance. You can combine multiple modules to create a larger plant wall.