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Author and Founder

Author and Founder

Author and Founder Jørn Viumdal is a trained precision mechanic and mechanical engineer, and started out working on technical job assignments. After a while, he found the need to incorporate a more biological understanding into his everyday and professional life. NASA's laboratory tests on the ability of plants to absorb harmful gases had a major impact on Jørn's work. Later on, Jørn was involved in the practical implementation of pioneering tests under the direction of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, which looked at the practical effect of using plants in typical indoor environments. Since then, Jørn has worked to introduce elements of nature into homes, schools, nursery schools, airports and offices.  



Jørn Viumdal is the founder of Greentime AS, BioOffice AS and Skogluft AS. He has 32 years of experience and is a world leader when it comes to creating green, light and natural environments for humans. Our expertise is research-based and tested over a number of decades. We introduce elements from nature into your indoor environment in the form of daylight, plants and plant walls.

The Philosophy

The Philosophy

Humans are created to live in nature. For millions of years, we have evolved in our natural surroundings in close contact with sunlight, vegetation, the sea and air. Biologically and physiologically, we are the same as humans that lived in the Stone Age. Now we spend 80–90% of our time indoors, far removed from the environment we are created for. Our idea is to bring the natural living environment back to workplaces. Our knowledge and expertise help prevent disease, increase well-being, and make people healthier, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability. 

The History

The History


In 1986, contact was made with NASA. At the time, NASA was researching the interaction between nature and humans with the purpose of building space stations where people would spend years of their lives. Pretty soon they discovered that it is not possible to thrive over time without contact with nature – you can survive but not thrive. NASA launched a huge project to find out how best to utilise the positive impact of nature on humans. At the time, it cost roughly USD 1 million to transport 1 kg of biomass into space so it was important to optimise the effect of the biomass. NASA researched different plants under different conditions and found the plant types, maintenance conditions and cultivation methods that had the greatest impact on humans. It is this expertise that Skogluft and BioOffice use today.

2018: The Forest Air plant wall system is launched for the business and private market.

2016: Decoration of Oslo Airport, Gardermoen with plant walls and moss walls.

2012: New concepts are launched. Plant Walls, Interior Plants and BioMeetingRoom. Gyri Dahl is affiliated with the company.

2010: Launch of the new BioOffice, with Google Norway as the pilot project.

2009: Partnership with Hareide Designmill regarding the development of a new BioOffice.

2005: Sales and marketing in Norway and the Nordic region. Further concept and product development.

2004: The company BioOffice AS was established by Jørn Viumdal and Anne Brit Storvik. BioOffice and BioPACS are launched with contemporary design and enhanced functionality.

1995–2003: More and more schools, hospitals and companies test out biological workplaces.

1995: Major research projects begin in Norway under the direction of Professor Tove Fjeld at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The projects were carried out in offices, schools and hospitals.

 – Since 1995, Jørn Viumdal has participated in lots of research and user studies with users of biological workplaces.

1987: Jørn Viumdal started the company Greentime AS. The company was the first in the world to create practical working environments based on research results on the interaction between nature and humans.

 – The first biological workplaces were installed in Norwegian companies. Several trial projects were launched.

– Greentime AS contacted NASA. They developed the space stations of the future and researched how they could use nature to improve the air quality on board the space stations. NASA's knowledge was used at Greentime AS.

1986: Contact was made with various research communities/institutions around the world that had expertise in various areas related to the working environment.

1985: Jørn Viumdal started working at the company Rent-a-Plant in Stockholm and began developing a business concept that focused on using nature to improve the working environment.